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Calgary Cycle Group Ride

Group Ride for Life – What were about

The Calgary Cycle Group ride started several years ago in an effort to promote riding and show fellow riders of all skill levels our awesome selection of local rides, the CC Group Ride has become a fixture in the riding community.

The Group Ride runs on Wednesday evenings and Saturday’s all year weather and trail conditions permitting.  As we have a wide mix of riders and skills in the groups so we try to allow time to complete a variety of rides.  This means we try and stick to our stated departure times as closely as possible so that we are not in a time crunch on the rides.  Please be on time! Our group has a focus on fun and does not drop any rider who comes out with the group. No matter weather you are an experienced rider or someone just getting into the sport our ride has something for you.

We post our rides in a group ride calendar so riders have an idea of the kind of ride that is planned. We ask everyone who is coming on a group ride to read and abide by our code of conduct posted below. This allows us to be great ambassadors of the sport and the shop to every user group on the trails.  The focus of our Group rides is on fun and adventure! Creating a positive riding atmosphere for everyone is our main concern.  

We ask that you come prepared with an appropriate bike that is in good mechanical condition, with the basic tools and items to repair a flat tire at minimum.  Weather appropriate clothing is a must and it is highly recommended that you have warm dry attire for post ride hang out times. Having the requisite food and water is also something we ask all riders to have at hand during our rides.

Rules and Credo of the CC Group Ride

We ONLY ride open trails that are sanctioned and we leave no trace

No dogs/pets--We are in compliance with this as per Provincial law.  We believe in keeping all riders safe and all beloved pets safe

Should any sort of conflict arise only our Ride Leaders shall engage other trail users

The Ride will yield the trail to any rider or other user climbing up a trail

The Ride will yield the trail to any other type of slower moving user until we can safely pass or clear the area-- We are not in a hurry!

The Ride will stop and dismount and move to the side of the trail when horses are present.  The Ride will follow any instructions from the Equestrian user as it pertains to the behavior of the horses on the trail while being near bicycles

We give other group riders reasonable space--this means being aware if you need to let someone by or being willing to give a slower rider adequate space to ride and allow an opportunity to pass.

This a Group Ride not a Group Race

The Group Ride will acknowledge all other trail users as we pass in a friendly manner that is conducive to all users getting along and enjoying the trails

If you need to dismount for any reason no worries.  Please move to the side of the trail and make it known to another Group Rider that you have to stop

Look ahead and ride to your ability.  Maintain control of your bike.  The Group Ride is a No Drop ride and no one will be left behind.  No need to pressure yourself or ride in an unsafe manner

Try at all times to respect the breaks that are taken.  If you are struggling let us know and we'll make sure the pace adjusts accordingly.