Our Biggest Fundraiser Yet! Santa Cruz Bikes - Bragg Creek Trails Giveaway

Beginning in January we partnered with Bragg Creek Trails Association to raise money for some of our favorite local trails! For every $10 donated participants gained one entry into our raffle draw for a chance to win their choice of an s-kit Santa Cruz Bicycles Bronson or Blur.

We are stoked to announce that this was our BIGGEST trail fundraiser to date. In total, we had 1384 entries, which means we raised a WHOPPING $13,840!

This week we presented Ken Young from The Bragg Creek Trails Association - Board of Directors with a cheque for the total amount raised, and drew the name of our raffle winner for the grand prize!

Congratulations to our lucky winner Lori Vollmerhaus! Lori has been a Bragg Creek local for 30-years and has chosen a Blur as her prize!

We want to give a massive thanks to everyone at Santa Cruz Bicycles for making this fundraiser possible!



Support Your Local Trail Organization by Purchasing a Great Bag of Coffee!

Before Christmas, we kicked off another great trail fundraiser, this time with the help of our friends at Crowsnest Coffee!

Support your choice of 3 great trail organizations by purchasing a bag of amazing Crownest Coffee Signature Bushtown Blend! $5.00 from the sale of each $18.00 bag purchased will be donated towards 1 of 3 trail organizations, MMBTS, UROC, or GWBCTA. Select which organization you want to donate to by choosing the group in the product drop-down menu on our website. The fundraiser will be ongoing as supplies last!

3 Choices and Organizations:
- Special K Blend Donates $5.00 to Moose Mountain Bike Trail Society
- Merlin's Brew Donates $5.00 to Bragg Creek Trails
- Buck 50 Beans Donates $5.00 to United Riders of Crowsnest

Coffee can be purchased through the link below:



United Riders of Crownest - We Are One Wheelset Fundraiser Officially Comes To A Close!

Over the course of October and November, we teamed up with The United Riders of Crowsnest to help raise money for trails within the Crowsnest Pass area by hosting a raffle draw for a sweet set of carbon We Are One Composites wheels.

We are extremely stoked to announce that thanks to everyone's generosity we were able to raise a grand total of $2500!!!!

On Friday we presented Brian McFarlene from the United Riders of Crowsnest - Board of Directors with a cheque for the grand total raised and drew the name of the winner for the grand prize!

Congratulations Tom Hamilton for winning a rad new set of We Are One Composites wheels!!!!

We'd also like to give a huge thanks to everyone over at We Are One for making this raffle possible.


MooseDuro 2021 a Huge Success, Thanks to Alberta 66 MTB!

The Alberta 66 MTB/MMBTS MooseDuro race this past weekend went off without a hitch, thanks to the many volunteers, and sponsors! With Covid-19 safety measures in place, the event rolled forward with a great turnout! This year Calgary Cycle was the proud sponsor of the first-ever E-bike category, provided race support, and even had a few E-bikes on hand for riders to try out.

Aside from the race action and support, we were super stoked to announce that we have donated a Norco Bicycles Sight VLT to the Moose Mountain Bike Trail Society (MMBTS) trail crew! We hope the addition of an E-bike will help make accessing the trails that need maintenance a whole lot easier.

We want to give a huge shout-out to Alberta 66 Mountain Biking for hosting such an awesome event, as none of this would have been possible without Laura and Jeff!

For a full event, break-down check out the Pinkbike link below:



Calgary Cycle Shop Update - April 2021

Hello bike riders!

To start off we would all like to say how awesome it is that the world is getting more into the sport that we all love at
Calgary Cycle. More adults and kids on bikes has always been one of our goals and this last year has been


That said, this has brought on a laundry list of challenges and we are committed to doing a better job of communicating
the issues that have arrived with this boom. Please read below and know that we are doing our best.

Top 5 List of things we don’t like but are doing for your safety during COVID times:

1. We have a hard cap on our store’s occupancy at each of our locations as it is very hard to social distance when
buying a bike and accessories. We care about you and our staff and will have these limits in place until we have a
green light from the province to change.

2. We are lined up from open until close at our Bow Trail location, and are lined up the majority of time we are open
at our Canyon Meadows location. To maintain proper social distancing guidelines, and still offer the best in-person
customer experience, we are prioritizing our in-store customers. In order to provide that in-store experience, we
are unable to answer the phones most the time, particularly at our Bow Trail location. We sincerely apologize for
this but our main goal is to keep the line outside the store moving.

3. Our staff policy is strict; no staff member may come to work if they feel ill or if they have had any chance of close
contact with a positive case until cleared as per AHS policy and guidance. This continually puts us in a short staff
position and we ask for your patience during these times. We are looking to add team members immediately, if you
know anyone that has bike shop experience please send us a resume at info@calgarycycle.com

4. Our service lines are the longest wait and we can not remedy this without compromising your bike service. We
need to accurately assess your bike and talk to you about what work is required before our awesome techs get to it.
We need to be clear with you about what is needed before you leave as we do not want to surprise anyone with an
unapproved bill or unexpected delays for service. We are dealing with unprecedented and massive shortages in the
industry on regular wear parts. We can’t have a bike sit at the store as we wait for inventory to be replenished. To
provide an example; if you needed a Shimano 12 speed chain, we would not be able to provide a reasonable
timeline for this chain to be replaced. We have enough of these chains on order to pave the ring road but they are
back-ordered for months. We appreciate your patience.

Current Service Booking times for:
Bow Trail – May 4, 2021
Canyon Meadows – May 6, 2021

5. Parts shortages, shipping delays, and price changes are all very real, severe, and occurring every day. We are
doing our best to keep people informed about shortages and delays, however, the information we provide is only as
good as the information we’re given. Price increases have come and more are coming. In some cases, shipping
costs have seen an increase of over 800% and things do not look to be getting better until mid-2023 at the earliest.
Compounding the price and availability issues is that both metal and plastic are in short supply. This is a daily
struggle for our sales and service staff so please do not shoot the messenger as they hate higher prices as much as
you do.

We are all super excited to invite new people into the sport, we truly value all our long-time customers and we want
to be your one-stop shop to get your 2 wheels rolling. Please understand that we currently have limitations and we
are all running at 110% to make your ride better!

See you on the trail and don’t forget BIKES are FUN!!


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