The Grand Climbduro

The Grand Climbduro is our inaugural event located in Bragg Creek, Alberta. It represents everything that the Climbduro team believes. Simply stated, no single type of cycling rules the roost. With so many different types of terrain and styles of bikes, it comes down to a rider and a mountain.

So pick your weapon of choice and saddle up. It is all uphill from here…


Let’s talk this puzzle out.

The neutralized road start @ 25KMPH will tour you gently through the Bragg Creek Provincial Park. Turning onto Highway 66 the pressure ramps up. Still, a controlled ride, the pace car accelerates three times in the first 3KM, with the final speed being 50KMPH… Get the idea? Sounds like a great place to be on a road bike. Hmmm…

This pressure cooker leads the group to the bottom of the first timed section: Moose Mountain Road – 7.5KM of dirt and 500 vertical meters of UP! Now, the KOM on this bounces between riders on road bikes and XC MTB bikes. What to pick??? At the top of the road you will find the end of the first timed section, nutrition, aid and washrooms. As much as you would like to spend the rest of the day here watching the joy on other riders faces, you need to be strategic as there is a 4hr time cut-off to get back to the finish… and… you still have the penultimate climb to the summit!

When you ride on, you will turn into the High Country to tackle the Moose Summit. After a short transitional downhill, with lots of sharp rocks (watch out for flats if you are on Road or CX bikes), you start your second-time section. Another 500M of vertical in only 5KM! Flowy and smooth at the bottom, this turns into a brutal pitch with an entirely rocky and super technical surface and aggressive switchbacks to the summit. Ouch. Without a doubt, a fatter tire will rule this section, or be prepared to run. The summit is the end of the last timed section and the top of the Climbzilla KOM. Will you be 1st? Will you make it?

By now you will have the shakes and your timed section is complete. The descent back to the aid station you passed earlier is gnarly and will require your full attention. Other riders will be tackling the climb, so cheer them on but give right of way… Be careful but enjoy the 27KM of mixed terrain downhill. Throw high fives with your pals all the way because all you need to do now is arrive at the finish before the 4-hour time-cutoff. It will not be awesome if you get to the top super fast but you flat three times and need to walk out and miss the cut.

Oh, one more thing, you need to be self-supporting in regards to any mechanicals. We will have tubes, tires, and a mechanic at the base of the Moose Summit to help, but please be prepared to keep yourself rolling.

Inside Calgary Cycle's New Store in Westgate

Calgary Cycle

The city's oldest bike shop moved its original store into a new 11,000-square-foot location that has a service shop, a cafe and a community fitness space.

The oldest bike shop in Calgary has an impressive new space to call home.

Calgary Cycle originally opened in downtown Calgary in 1931, before moving over to the Centre Street area in 1940. Over the years, the company expanded its presence in the community and currently has three additional locations in Canyon Meadows, Bragg Creek and an outlet location in the northeast. According to owner Derek Lee, Calgary Cycle is "one of the largest full suspension mountain bike dealers in Canada."

This year, the original store on Centre Street underwent a big change when it moved and opened in a new location in the Westgate neighbourhood along Bow Trail S.W. on October 31. At 11,000-square-feet, the new store is more than five times the size of it's previous location. Calgary Cycle worked with local company 54blue to design the new store, which marries a clean, bright aesthetic with a spacious, functional retail space.

The new store carries an impressive selection of bikes ranging from mountain to road to children's, as well as bike apparel, accessories and gear. But that's not all you'll find here — there's also a service shop, a public cafe called The Hub and a community fitness space where both Calgary Cycle and local trainers/coaches can hold classes.

"We want this to be ... a hub for both the cycling community and just the community," says Lee.


  • Wow look at the new Calgary Cycle

What is the Virtual Pivot Point (VPP) Suspension Design?

Santa Cruz

VPP is based on the patented principle that has two short links rotating in opposite directions. This system provides huge design flexibility, allowing the designer to manipulate shock rates to the intended purpose and character of each model; from short travel endurance bikes to World Championship winning DH machines.


Principles are one thing, understanding them are another. What really sets Santa Cruz apart is the deep knowledge they gained over the years on how to tune VPP into all the various shock, drivetrain, wheel size and travel configurations to create the perfect balance.  Santa Cruz does not need to come up with new suspension gimmicks each year.  They just keep refining the winning one.



Group Ride Season Never Stops!

Join us Wednesdays and Saturdays for a no-drop group ride!

2018 Marks the 3rd year of the CC group ride running non-stop through the winter and summer!! The group ride runs meets Wednesdays at 5:30pm and Saturdays at 10:00am! The ride will be called out on Facebook or in our event calender!


Enduro World Series 2018 - Round 2 - Colombia

Santa Cruz

In case you missed it: this round of racing included mud. Lots and lots of mud. After the heat and bone-dry conditions in Chile, the riding in Colombia was a downright abrupt turn of events. Over three days of practice and racing, only the urban DH prologue would dodge the bullet of slick surfaces and rain-soaked everything.

This turned the dry streets into a playground for the Santa Cruz Enduro crew; and for Free Agents Mitch Ropelato and Josh Bryceland. There was no stopping the urge to wheelie, wallride, and gap anything and everything on day one, and on day two there was just no stopping.

This turned the dry streets into a playground for the Santa Cruz Enduro crew; and for Free Agents Mitch Ropelato and Josh Bryceland. There was no stopping the urge to wheelie, wallride, and gap anything and everything on day one, and on day two there was just no stopping.

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