What's Happening at Calgary Cycle - Winter 2023/24

The 2023 year for CC started with some great school initiatives designed to encourage kids to ride and take care of their bikes!  We partnered with Banded Peak School in Bragg Creek, as well as Guardian Angel School in the Aspen Landing neighborhood. Kids from different age ranges learned about the importance of proper fitting helmets and how to lock your bike securely when riding to school. We demonstrated how to change a flat tire and covered the different types of bikes available based on what terrain they can take on. These mini-education sessions allowed the kids to also try out pedal-assist e-bikes, learn about emerging technology, and have some fun! We look forward to 2024 and offering more bike maintenance classes to other area schools!

Should you have an interest in organizing one of these programs for a school you work at or have a contact, please feel free to reach out to our general email inquiry line at: info@calgarycycle.com

As we enter into the winter months, Calgary Cycle is now offering a range of fat bike RENTALS! What could be better than taking a fat bike out for the day that you are curious about, thinking about buying in the future or maybe because you don’t currently own a bike!  Bragg Creek 22X is offering a selection of Norco Bigfoot VLT as well as Trek Farley fatties. Head to our website under “Rentals” to book online and secure your bike!

Pro Tip from Jason, Store Manager at 22X – Always be prepared! We have trailside repair kits available for rent to take with you on your adventures.

The winter months are a GREAT opportunity to get your bike in for a tune-up.  This means you are ready to ride before the Spring season rush. Contact either our Bow Trail or Canyon Meadows locations to get your ride ready to roll. Suspension-related services are available at both locations and if you need a full overhaul check out the Calgary Cycle Suspension Center located at CC Bow Trail. 

Don’t forget all the Calgary Cycle locations have amazing winter gear to keep you warm and dry.

See you on the trails!

The CC Team


Lock it or Lose it!

The Importance of Locking Your Bike and Selecting the Proper Lock

Thousands of bikes are stolen in Calgary every year. Many are taken from people's garages, public parks, and bike storage units in condos. Calgary Cycle works closely with the Calgary Police bike unit and has seen some instances of success with recovering bikes. Obviously, we all want to avoid having these situations happen, so here are some friendly reminders and general lock information to help guide you in choosing the right lock for you and your bike.

Many of the lock brands come with a rating scale on their packaging. This number indicates the durability and deterrent level. Our 3 locations have carried the Kryptonite brand for many years which features a 1-10 rating scale. Locks with a lower rating are more geared towards instances in which your bike is not out of your sight for long periods. The higher the rating the more secure and dense, however, keep in mind these locks are typically heavier and not always able to mount on your bike. U-locks are the most secure option – and come in different sizes to offer flexibility in where you can lock the bike such as to a stationary object or to the bike parts themselves for example locking a wheel to the frame. Some additional options are chain locks which are a medium security option and easier to wrap around the bike or a folding lock that is convenient from a versatility aspect and can also fit neatly into a backpack.

How best to lock your bike can vary depending on what you're securing it to. It can be beneficial to use both a U lock and cable in combination so that you can secure more area. All these tips apply to E-bikes also and with those models be sure to remove any easy-to-grab items before you leave the bike, such as the computer screen (if applicable). Be sure your battery is in the lock position. Get creative in where you think is best to lock it and make the lock harder to “work on” by facing the keyhole down and off the ground. Think about somewhere that may have security cameras around, or perhaps an area that has store security guards in the vicinity. Consider locking your bikes even within your home garage, as this can be the biggest opportunity since it’s easy to be working in the yard and have the door unattended. All these little tricks can make your bike less attractive to thieves. Also, consider not leaving your bike in quiet areas where there is less foot traffic and thieves have more time and privacy to work on cutting the lock.

We do encourage our customers to register their bikes with BIKE INDEX for additional help if stolen. This platform uses the bike's serial number and general details so that if it does get swiped there is a whole global community that can be on the lookout for it, including other bike shops.

Pro tip from Store Manager Erik @ CC Canyon Meadows: Make sure you use up the space within the U-lock so it’s a tight fit and harder to tamper with. On cable locks, the same theory applies but means that you use as much of the cable length as possible, run it through both the frame and the wheels, and lock it to the stationary item. And remember! Make sure you're clever about what you lock your bike to and that it is not something that can be meddled with.

Further questions about locks? Come and see us at any of our 3 locations!


Calgary Cycle Suspension Center

Some changes have been made to the Bow Trail CC space over the course of last year. In 2021 we said good-bye to the HUB Café that was previously located at the east end of the store. This allowed us to move in a different direction and offer our customers access to a proper suspension service center. In the past, fork and shock repairs had to be out-sourced which often meant lengthy wait times, especially during the spring and summer riding season.

Upon arriving at the Calgary Cycle Bow Trail location customers seeking service for their mountain bikes are welcomed by a sign that directs them to check in with our suspension center team. There they will be met by one of our trained specialists with whom they can discuss all of their bike's needs. Additionally, appointments can be booked in advance by calling our friendly service crew or by emailing suspension@calgarycycle.com.

The shop features top of the line, modern repair equipment to ensure all tools are on hand to get you back out on the trails as efficiently as possible. By visiting our website, you can view tips on when you should have your suspension inspected and serviced. Suspension packages are categorized by basic service; suggested after 30 hours of riding and an additional advanced service that is recommended after 100 hours of riding. Staff are professionally trained to work in the suspension space to execute top of the line expertise.

With mountain bikes it is extremely important to care for your suspension. In comparison to a car, the more you maintain your vehicle the longer it lasts, and bikes fall under the same category. One aspect of suspension that often gets overlooked is air pressure, many riders tend to ‘set it and forget it’ when in reality air pressure should be checked on a regular basis. Lack of proper service intervals and pressure can lead to performance issues while ripping up the trails.

In addition to our suspension center we have a full service repair shop to meet all your general needs. We offer multiple levels of service packages that can be viewed on our website. We always welcome walk-in customers too, just with the knowledge that you may have to leave your bike with the team.

Turnaround times do differ slightly for tune ups per location, however currently 24 hours is the average. Be sure to get your bikes in over the winter months for repairs and tune ups as you will beat the spring rush.


The CC Team.


The Importance of Helmets

“Skid Lid, Melon Protector, Bump Cap, Brain Bucket” … these are just a few of the names assigned to the holy HELMET.

As surprising as it can sound, not all riders wear a helmet.  Back in the day, it was considered “geeky” and some wanted their mullets to blow in the breeze.  Even today, we notice some adventure riders without the protection and it begs the question – Why wear a helmet?  Does it actually protect you in the event you fly over the handlebars?

Helmets have come a long way in respect to their design and impact absorbing compounds.  Imagine this – initially they were created using leather straps and wool in the early 1900’s! Most riders didn’t recognize them as necessary until around the 1970’s when professional cycling started to take hold and the overall design majorly changed to foam and featured cooling ventilation.

It goes without saying that we are strong advocates of wearing a proper fitting helmet.  We stock a wide variety of styles for mountain, road and leisure riding. Prices can range from $80.00 to $450.00, depending on style.  The reasoning behind the range breaks down into ventilation, tailored fit and the research it takes to develop the newest and most ground breaking models.  Helmets should feel comfortable with no tension against your temples and should sit level and low on your forehead, just above the eyebrows, ensuring good coverage. Some models we carry feature a tension dial at the back of the helmet that is easy to adjust. This tightens and loosens the inner cage that sits against your head and fits the helmet to you. 

Cutting edge technology called MIPS was introduced in 2007 and is now a standard in the industry even beyond the sport of biking.  Multi-Directional Impact Protection is made to reduce the negative effects of rotational motion on the head when you experience a crash.  The low friction layer is held into the helmet by multiple rubber bands and can reduce the overall impact to your brain should you have an unfortunate incident.  Other companies like TREK introduced WaveCel technology that is also carried in our locations.

Pro tip from Lynn (Sales) – Remember that helmets have an expiry date and typically after 2-3 years, they need to be replaced.  Sweat, pollution and general wear and tear can degrade the interior compound and make the helmet less durable.  Additionally, after any impact it is important to replace your helmet.

We have a wide variety of helmets to choose from so let our friendly staff assist you with a fitting and answer all your questions!

The CC Team


22X in Bragg Creek – A Calgary Cycle location

Nestled in the prime and popular riding area of Bragg Creek is Calgary Cycle 22X. For those that
may not be aware, this is our 3 rd location and is situated beside Creekers Restaurant in the
Shoppes of Banded Peak Plaza.

22X features a repair shop to keep you on the trails and yes you can book at this location for
those amazing CC $5 Buck lifetime tune ups! You will also find clothing, helmets and a selection
of bikes for adults and for the kiddos.

Wondering about how that full suspension really performs? Check out the extensive trail
networks (over 166KM) of West Bragg Creek, Moose Mountain or Prairie Mountain on one of
our rental options. In the spring and summer months you can book online and ride a Norco,
Santa Cruz, Revel or Trek mountain bike in both hardtail and pedal assist options. Heading into
the winter season we are geared up to have our Fat bike fleet ready to rent from both the 22X
location and Pure Cycle (coming soon) located on Canyon Meadows Drive. Rental prices range from $69.95 to
$89.00 per day and can be booked online through our website under “Rentals."


Book a Rental Here:


Looking to find out what the trail conditions are like before you go? Be sure to contact the
Bragg Creek store directly or search the Bragg Creek Trails Association website at

For many years, Calgary Cycle has partnered with this association as well as Moose Mountain
Bike Trail Society, and the United Riders of Crowsnest to fundraise, give back and support the
volunteers who ensure local trails are expertly maintained. If you use these trails, it helps
immensely to offer up either your time with a trail upkeep day or through a cash donation.

Pro Tip from Jason (22X Store Manager) – If you are keen to keep turning the pedals this fall
and winter come in and see us… we have a great selection of fat bikes, studded tires, footwear,
gloves and accessories to keep you pedaling throughout the winter.

Keep in mind 22X is open Wednesday through Sunday. Store hours are posted on our website.
For more information or for assistance to book a rental contact 22X today!

-CC Team.


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